Main Python event in Web Development

PyconWEB 2017

A conference about Python and Web stack

Django, Plone, Tornado, TurboGears, Pyramid and other web-related tools. Talks and workshops by core developers and experts. Now all covered in one conference.


Rachel Willmer: Real-Time Data with Django

For several years, Rachel Willmer has been searching for the perfect real-time data solution for her Django-based website, Luzme.

The two most recent candidates under the microscope are Google Firebase (a paid service) and the new Django Channels (free and open source).

Rachel shares her experiences of both and compares the relative advantages and disadvantages.

Martijn Faassen: Rethinking the Python Web Framework

What if you could rethink the Python web framework? What would it be like? 

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to do this. The result is a web framework called Morepath. It doesn't look wildly different on the outside. I'm going to demonstrate a few ways in which it is different. 

If you're a user of a web framework, I want to show you use cases you may not even realize you have. If you're a developer of a web framework, I want to offer you ideas you may not have considered. 

Conference Programme

25 talks, 5 worshops, 2 days of intense Python

This is a draft schedule, we are currently in contact with speakers

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Awesome workshops included

Django, Plone, Pyramid, Tornado – try everything in 2 days


workshop by Philip Bauer

Philip is a founder of Starzel, board member of the Plone foundation, loves teaching and dedicated to Open Source.


workshop by Stefan Behnel

Stefan is a backend engineer at Skoobe, main developer of lxml and Cython, using Tornado on daily basis.

Django CMS

workshop by Iacopo Spalletti

Iacopo is a Founder/CTO @NephilaIT and django CMS core developer. When not coding, you can find him in the local pub.


workshop by Andrii Chaichenko

Andrii is a backend developer at CeleraOne, currently focused on data science and machine learning.


workshop by Alessandro Molina

Alessandro is a core developer of the TurboGears2 web framework and maintainer of Beaker Caching/Session framework.


LMU Institute of Computer Science

Oettingenstraße 67, 80538 Munich

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