PyMunich conference, representing 2016


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Confirmed Speakers

Stefan Behnel

Prominent member of the Python community, main developer of lxml and Cython, tutor at Python Academy, EuroSciPy and others

Andrew Svetlov

Python Core Developer, took part in creation of asyncio, author of aiohttp and dozen of other asyncio-based libraries

Christian Tismer

Python Core Developer, consultant on algorithmic questions. Author of Stackless Python, one of the PyPy founders, developer of PySide and Psyco

Alexander Loechel

Deputy CTO of LMU Munich, core developer and board member of Plone CMS, organiser of Munich Python User Group

Alexander Hendorf

Data lover and Python addict, EuroPython organizer and program chair, expert of mongoDB, CTO at Koenigsweg

Justyna Janczyszyn

Software Engineer and Python enthusiast, beloved coach of Django Girls in Poland and Italy

Philip Bauer

Founder of Starzel, working with Plone exclusively since 2005. Board member of the Plone foundation, loves teaching and dedicated to Open Source

Anton Caceres

Python enthusiast, speaker and workshop tutor at EuroPython,, and many others, casual open-source contributor

We expect 20+ speakers in total

Call for proposals is opened

Past Events

We made some Python events in Munich, and people loved it

Also, check previous PyCon DE editions in archive

Python MiniConf, 18.02.2016

“I enjoyed an inspiring atmosphere with nice conversations and learned an important lesson: it's very rewarding to work on a real project instead of just watching tutorials or reading books on a topic.”


CodeRetreat, 15.08.2015

“Great experience, very hands on! The practical problem allowed to discover new features of Python. Pair programming was certainly one of the best ideas. Looking forward to the next Code Retreat!”


Now, even cooler

Get ready for the main Python event in Germany

30 talks, 3 tracks,

International speakers

Professional networking


Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich

Moosacher Str. 90
80809 Munich


Tickets will be on sale middle of July

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