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Confirmed Speakers

Stefan Behnel

Backend developer at Skoobe and prominent member of the Python community, main developer of lxml and Cython, tutor at Python Academy, EuroSciPy and others

Andrew Svetlov

Python Core Developer, took part in creation of asyncio, author of aiohttp and dozen of other asyncio-based libraries

Christian Tismer

Python Core Developer, consultant on algorithmic questions. Author of Stackless Python, one of the PyPy founders, developer of PySide and Psyco

Alexander Loechel

Deputy CTO of LMU Munich, core developer and board member of Plone CMS, organiser of Munich Python User Group

Anna Wszeborowska

Software developer at Ableton, devoted PyLady, hyperactive organizer of tech meetups. Addicted to change and challenges. Enthusiastic about sharing code and knowledge.

Valerio Maggio

Ph.D. in Computational Sciece, a postdoc researcher focused on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data Analysis. An active member of the Italian Python community, lead organiser of the PyData Italy conferences.

Dmitry Trofimov

PyChrarm IDE Team Lead, passionate about automation and software tooling. Implemented many different tools including a code generator for hardware used in submarines.

Mike Müller

Using Python since 1999, trainer and the CEO at Python Academy. The chairman of the Python Software Verband e.V., a PSF Fellow, a PSF community service award holder, and a User Group co-founder.

Alexander Hendorf

Data lover and Python addict, EuroPython organizer and program chair, expert of mongoDB, CTO at Koenigsweg

Justyna Janczyszyn

Software Engineer and Python enthusiast, beloved coach of Django Girls in Poland and Italy

Henning Peters

Entrepreneur and Python expert, CEO at spaCy, co-founder of Absolventa, ex-CTO of Skoobe.

Daniel Taschik

Co-founder and CTO of Dubsmash, Software engineer, loves scaling of infrastructures, founding member of Django-de.

Philip Bauer

Founder of Starzel, working with Plone exclusively since 2005. Board member of the Plone foundation, loves teaching and dedicated to Open Source

Mustafa Kasap

Senior Software Development Engineer in Technical Evangelism team in Microsoft. Working on Open Source Software Technologies on Cloud, Azure Machine Learning, R and Python.

Steffen Wenz

Joined TrustYou as a student in 2008 and today oversees a team of 25 international coders as CTO. Turned a small Java shop into a global Python-based leader in its market.

Anton Caceres

Python enthusiast, speaker and workshop tutor at EuroPython,, and many others, casual open-source contributor

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Call for proposals is opened until September 12th.
Talks are voted in iterations, applying early gives higher chances.


  • Friday 28.10: Sprints, 14:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday 29.10: Talks, 9:30 - 18:00
  • Sunday, 30.10: Talks, 9:30 - 18:00

Final version of schedule will be published in September, after all talks are selected and speakers confirmed.

See latest programme draft


Conference: LMU Institute of Computer Science

Oettingenstraße 67, 80538 Munich

Sprints: JetBrains Events Space

Elsenheimerstraße 47, 80687 Munich

Getting to Munich

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Past PyCon.DE editions

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PyMunich Events

We made some local Python events in Munich, and people loved it

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Conference offers financial aid to support social diversity of Python community. Everyone, regardless of residence, age and professional background is welcome. Please apply on including following:

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  2. Your relation to Python (researcher, hobbyst, etc)
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Application deadline is 31.08.2016. All submissions will be discussed by conference committee and communicated back on 10.09.2016.

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